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Priest Name Date of Birth Date of OrinationNative Place
1.Click for large imageM.Santiago 12-May-1933 13-Apr-1961 Manickapuram, Purathakudi
2.Click for large imageN.Arulswamy 27-Sep-1933 13-Apr-1961 Thondamanthurai
3.Click for large imageM.Susai 07-May-1935 09-Apr-1963 Michaelpatti.S
4.Click for large imageA.Michaelsamy 26-Jan-1938 16-Apr-1964 Michaelpatty
5.Click for large imageI.Antony Joseph 26-Oct-1936 14-Apr-1966 Varadarajanpet
6.Click for large imageA.UBAGARASAMY 27-Jan-1938 14-Apr-1966 Mathapuram, Kumilankuzhy
7.Click for large imageT.Joseph 08-Jul-1939 13-Apr-1967 Palayam
8.Click for large imageS.Selvaraj 13-Dec-1938 13-Apr-1967 Purathakudy
9.Click for large imageM.A.Sebastian 20-Apr-1940 14-Apr-1969 Vizhapallam
10.Click for large imageL.Vincent 22-Feb-1940 21-Dec-1969 Megalathur
11.Click for large imageA.Antoine 02-Nov-1942 20-Dec-1971 Ayyampet
12.Click for large imageA.Dhanaraj 03-Sep-1946 11-Jun-1973 Vadugarpet
13.Click for large imageP.Joseph 11-May-1946 11-Jun-1973 Perumalpalayam
14.Click for large imageS.Soosai 23-Nov-1945 11-Jun-1973 Pullambadi
15.Click for large imageA.Antony Joseph 22-Mar-1948 17-Jun-1974 Kumbakonam
16.Click for large imageA.Mariadoss 12-Aug-1946 17-Jun-1974 Varadarajanpet
17.Click for large imageR.Vincent Ferrer 02-Feb-1941 30-Jun-1975 Tholurpatty, Thottiam
18.Click for large imageA.Packiasamy 16-Jul-1949 19-Jul-1976 Naduvalur
19.Click for large imageS.I.Arulsamy 10-Jan-1949 29-Jun-1977 Kulamanickam
20.Click for large imageS.Daveedu 23-Nov-1946 12-Oct-1977 Musiri
21.Click for large imageP.Henry Pushparaj 18-Aug-1948 7-Jun-1978 Pudukkottai
22.Click for large imageA.Samson 09-Jan-1952 07-Jun-1978 Periavarseeli
23.Click for large imageA.Santiagu 04-Dec-1950 07-Jun-1978 Varadarajanpet
24.Click for large imageS.Selvarayar 06-Oct-1949 07-Jun-1978 Pudukuppam
25.Click for large imageJ.John panneerselvam 18-Sep-1950 27-Dec-1980 Purathakudi
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