Fr. P.J.Samson

personal info

Father's Name         :P. Packianathan

Mother's Name       Kamala Alangaramary

Date of Birth            :20-Oct-1970

Parish                          : Kumbakonam

Place of Birth            : -

Feast Day                   : -

Date of Ordination : -


 Minor Seminary      :S.H.Seminary, Kumbakonam

Regional Seminary : Good Shepherd Seminary, Coimbatore

Philosophy                :June,1989, Good Shepherd , Coimbatore.

 Theology                   : June,1993,St.Peter's, Bangalore

Contact Info

Address    : -

Phone No :9976994311

E-mail ID  :

Website    :-

Educational Qualifications

Secular            : B.A.,

Ecclesiastical B.Ph., B.Th.,

Ordination to Priesthood

Place: Kumbakonam

 Date: 11-Apr-1997

 Ordained Prelate: Most Rev. P. Remigius.D.D.,

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