Our Beloved Bishop Speaks Diocese of Kumbakonam


Respected and dear brother - priests, religious and laity,

Two Children Hannes and Lidewij aged 9, twins from the Netherlands asked Pope Francis: You are not very young anymore, and you have already done many things.What more do you want to do in your life to make the world more beautiful and fair?

To this question the Pope answered: There are so many things I would like to do. I would like to smile always-smile at God first of all to thank him for all the good he does for people. I would like to thank God for his patience. Have you ever thought about how much patience God has? God is very patient. God waits and waits for us.

I want to help the people who suffer.

I would like to make sure that there are no more injustices or at least that there are not so many of them. I want to help children get to know Jesus. I wish there were no longer any slaves in this world. There are still many slaves in this world-so many. I desire to do all this, but I am old and I have very little thread left in the spool so... God will tell...

Following our Holy Father let us always smile at God for all the good that he does for us, thank God for his patience and help the people especially the children, the slaves and all those who suffer

Let us always remember: Smile, thanks and help transcend all age, time and space.

To love God and the suffering it is enough that we have a kind and compassionate heart.

Heart is the amalgamation of all our feelings

Wishing you all the best in your ministry,

Yours affectionately in our Lord,

+ F. Antonisamy.
Bishop of Kumbakonam.