Our Beloved Bishop Speaks Diocese of Kumbakonam


Respected and dear brother - priests, religious and laity,

Once a mother told her children, "My dear children, today is my birth day. I would like to present to you a gift. What do you want?"

The first boy aged 8 said, "I want a football." The second one, a girl said, "I want a dancing toy." Both of them got from their mother what they wanted. The mother asked the last one, a boy aged 4, "what do you want?"

The boy shouted, "I want neither toys nor sweets nor any other gift,I want YOU." Next moment the boy was in the lap of his mother.

Jesus is our mother. The Lord says, "How often I have desired to gather your children as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing!" (Mt 23: 37b).

Actually the God who said, "Can a woman forget her nursing child, or show no compassion for the child of her womb? Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you" (Is 49:15) is going to become flesh and live among us (Jn 1:14).

Now the question is, what we are going to ask Jesus, our mother, on his birth day?

Let each one of us say: "Jesus, I want YOU." When we are in the lap of Jesus, nothing devilish will overcome us (Mt 4: 1-11, Mk 1: 21-28), nothing feverish will come nearer to us (Mk 1: 29-31), all of us who carry the heavy burdens will experience rest (Mt 11: 28), all our sins will be forgiven (Mt 9: 9-13) and our love for Jesus will be celebrated (Lk 15: 11 -24).

The blessings of Jesus on the day of Christmas will depend upon the right choice we make! Let us confess: Jesus first and the rest next

Wishing you a fruitful Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2018,

Yours sincerely in our Lord,

+ F. Antonisamy.
Bishop of Kumbakonam.